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Friday, March 27, 2009

They call me Farmer Barman

Yesterday I was out working my land
The vegetable garden with be big and strong
There were be a decent variety planted
when the time is appropriate

I can not wait for harvest time.

Of course in my mind my garden is huge
In reality it’s only 72 square feet.

I had to continue the green theme...

Since the weather has been mostly decent lately I have been trying to do what I can to get the flower and vegetable gardens ready for the year. The weather did not cooperate over the weekend and since it will be a good size job I decided to move on to the vegetable garden.

Over the last several years I have not done anything with the garden, not even pick the weeds. One year I had a weed that was 6 foot tall. I could not bear to cut it down, I wanted to see how big it could get to be. I did at one point toss a bunch of grass clippings on the garden to choke out the weeds.

Well yesterday was the day to clean that mess up. The chicken wire I use to try and keep the critters out came down and will be replaced with new chicken wire. Next clean all the mess up. I have almost 70 percent cleaned up. The rest I have to move some retainer wall bricks, a couple of tree rings, a couple of down spout splash thingies, and some sand. Then I get to use the tiller. I can not wait. This year I think I will add some onions and cut back on the tomatoes.

I have another small project I may try this year. I have a couple of small planting beds by my front door. The bed on one side has small single layer retaining wall as a border. The other side has a plastic border. I think it may be time to put down the retaining wall on the other side. I will lose a fair amount of space in the bed but it has Hosta plants and I do not need that room if I do not plant any annuals in there. It will not be a ton of work and it will look much nicer.

Yep you can tell spring is hear. My head is thinking outside, outside, outside.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Friday, March 20, 2009

55Flash Fiction Friday

I peek
I poke
I find my way to the top

I yawn
I stretch
I reach for the sky

I have been asleep
for a very long time
but now I am awake
and raring to go

Soon I will be
strong and tall

Spring has sprung
and the flowers
are on their way

Today at 7:44 am EDT spring has arrived. Happy spring everyone. This particular 55 was inspired by my flower beds. I noticed last Friday I had several things poking out of the earth. By Sunday I actually had a few things sticking out almost a full inch. It would appear my tulips are raring to get out and say high. I can not wait. I just hope the weather does not get to them. I mean this morning it has been 17 F which is well below freezing. Poor flowers.

If you would like to participate in 55Flash Fiction Friday just put together a short story in 55 words. Then go over to G-Mans place and let him know you played so he can bring everyone over to come see. Then go visit some of your fellow 55 writers. It is all fun. Do give it a try.