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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy holidays to anyone here in the states. May your days be safe and filled with turkey, family and friends ... and no I did not call your family a turkey. For anyway else ... have a nice long weekend. I may not be back until Monday.

Chow... how appropriate for Thanksgiving.


Follow-up on Calendar post

Here is the same month of the different services I used to produce a custom calendar.

This is take one at Staples. I did not like the way the photo was cropped so...

This was take two at Staples. There was no cropping on the photo this time.

This one was done with Zazzle.

The last one I did was using SnapFish and Meijer.

So finally results

Easiest to Use to Hardest

Cost Lest to Most
Staples (9.99+ tax)
SnapFish Walmart (16.99+tax)
SnapFish Meijer (18.99+4.99 shipping+ tax)
Zazzle (20.95+5.99 shipping)

Most Customizable

Best Looking
Zazzle (if you can live without the previous/next calendar inserts)

For me I think the best combination is using SnapFish through Walmart. It produces a better calendar but not the best. It is faster to work with than Zazzle. It also costs more but is in the middles of cost. It has the prior/next calendar inserts (which Zazzle does not).

We will see if I change my mind once I receive my calendar from SnapFish that I produced through Meijer.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Calendar's Anyone

Have you ever done one of those custom calendar’s before? You know where you take one or more photos and build a calendar with them to give away to someone. Well I have seen these before but I had never tried it, that is until this weekend.

I found Staples to be about the cheapest with costs starting at $9.99 so I decided to give it a try. I put together a calendar with a picture on the cover and a picture for every month except one month that had two pictures. It was real easy to do and I had no problems. I inserted some custom dates and submitted the calendar online. Piece of cake.

I received a call that things were ready to pick up the following day at 6:00 but I was busy standing around outside for 2 ½ hours in mid 20s temperature but that is a different story.

When I picked it up I was a little disappointed. Now if I had payed attention I would have noticed that the program cropped my photos for me. With a little bit of work I could have either cropped the photos the way I wanted or adjust things so it would not crop. Well it bothered me enough that I redid things and set it up so the pictures would not be cropped. I pick that up this morning.

Now I decided to look around a little more and I found Zazzle. It was amazing what they allowed me to do. You had a choice of three different sizes of calendars, a single page or a page per month, about 20 different actual calendar layouts, a cover photo and a back page, etc. They did not seem to be a size limit to how big a photo could be. Staples would not allow anything larger than 4 megs which several of my pictures were. They also made it real easy to fit the photo so there would be no cropping. You could also set a background color per page if you wanted. You were able to have more than one photo on a page if you wanted and you could do anything you wanted with those photos. Staples only had three templates to use for placing photos. You could insert 1 or more text messages on the calendar too in tons of colors and fonts.
The down side. First cost, it was double the cost of Staples. You have to do all the work yourself. You can not just drop a photo on a page and it looks good. You have to size it and place it where you want the pictures. When you get use to it that was not to bad. The text was easy to insert so if you wanted to tell people what the photo was, no problem but the bad part you had to decide what size, color, font, and position. So that is flexible but I had to keep setting the font I wanted and the size and it was tricky trying to get things placed to were it was safe from being truncated in the printing process. What made it worst was you were viewing the calendar as this little tiny thing so it was hard to tell if you had thing placed where you wanted without blowing it up. When it was blown up you could only look at it and not customize it. The program was also a little unstable as I managed to crash things twice. It was then that I discovered you can save your work and I did that every time I got a month finished. I also noticed the program was doing an automatic backup for me too. Once I found out how to back up my work the program never failed again, go figure. To put special dates on this calendar you needed to place wording on the calendar yourself. On Staples you just told it what words you wanted on which day and it did it for you... much easier for Staples. One thing that bothered me too no calendar layout had those little prior or next month calendar inserts on the calendar page. I like those little inserts.

Anyway it took me some time to put together a calendar with Zazzle but then I had a little learning to do. But I think the calendar I put together was a much better looking calendar. Was it worth the extra cost... you know since it lets me build it the way I want I think it is worth while.

Anyway I just thought I would share. If you want to create a simple calendar Staples works well as would OfficeMax and probably any office supply place. If you want to do something more there are options for that to such as Zazzle. Just do not forget, if you are doing this for a gift sometime you need some lead time to get the calendar back.

Well off to work. Have a great week.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Have you noticed something? They say that consumer spending is way down. I know I have been cautious myself but last weekend when I went shopping at the Fairlane Town Center in Dearborn, Michigan there were tons of people walking around. Now I am not sure how many were walking around and how many were buying but I thought things looked pretty good. I also made it around the mall right by me just about a week ago and, although it was not crowded, it certainly was busy. Mental note… you need to get back to the local mall to buy something from the vendor in the hallways of the Mall.

Anyway, I also have received way more emails this year from stores that want to sell me something and on sale no less. The one that has been writing me many, many times a week is Circuit City. Some things look like a real bargain but not something I am interested in. Of course Circuit City is in trouble and closing some of their stores so that could explain that. But what I am wondering is if consumers confidence is down then why are so many people still out there buying things? Maybe it is just not big ticket items like cars, homes, etc.

I know I have been taking it easy myself. There are a few things I want to buy but they have been put on the back burner for now. While the cost of gas was way up I was avoiding driving. Now I am relaxed on that a little but I just heard with gas below $2.00 people are starting to look at SUVs again. How short sited is that. This lull in gas is only temporary. We will see high prices once again.

Anyway these are just some observations. We will see what really happens on Black Friday.

Now how about a cute little thing I found... Click here to TECHNOLOGY for country folk.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

I am afraid this is not upbeat in any way so skip it if you will. Just a warning...

Now the Grinch did not steal Christmas in the classic way. He did not slink down to Whoville and steal the trees, the presents, the food, the Who pudding, even the roast beast. No, that would be entirely to much work. Instead the Grinch circulated a notice to the workers at my Brother in laws plant that they would be closing March 31. Aside from getting things for niece, Christmas is pretty much dead.

So why is the plant closing? A little while ago the company made the decision to build a plant over seas. As that plant came online they started to close more and more divisions in the plant here in Michigan. Now that the other plant has been fully operational for some time, it is time to close the plant here. That and they found an out. Being a plant that works with a lot of chemicals the land is no doubt very contaminated. The cleanup would have been outrageous. Instead they are donating the land to be made into a wild life preserve and they will no long have any responsibility for that land. Similar things happened to property in Lansing where General Motors closed the Verlinden plant and tore it down. They are in the process of tearing down the rest of things and have already planted grass in portions of the property. Soon it will be a turned over to the city as a park.

Now I am not all about presents. I would rather give then receive anyway. I am much more about getting the family together and I am sure we will still do that. But ouch.

My BIL has worked for the plant about 33 years now. When the plant closes he would have only needed another year and a half to be able to retire and draw a pension. As it is now he can kiss that pension goodbye.

Being a master electrician you would think he would be in good shape but being over 50 years old finding another job will be tough. What makes it worse is the country is in recession. What makes it even worse is Michigan has been hurting for over 6 years so we are in much worse shape than just about anywhere else in the country. Foreclosures are extremely high in the Detroit area too. What caps it all off is we depend on the auto industry in Michigan and it is failing miserably now.

Now the good news is he can always do side jobs and I am sure he can expand on that now. They also have my sister working full time and they have benefits from where she works. But there is no way they can make it on what she makes alone. And of course her job is a little shaky too.

Yep, the Grinch stole Christmas and much more this year without lifting a finger other than to send out a notice.

I was working on a listing of Christmas shows that are on TV but did not finish it. I will post what I have later if anyone is interested. So far I have items from ABC Family Channel and The Hallmark Channel.

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Wizard of Oz

I did many things over the weekend and they were all enjoyable. The one thing that sticks out however was the play I attended, the Wizard of Oz. It was put on by Downriver Youth Performing Arts Center (DYPAC). It is a youth group that caters to kids 5 to 18 that want to get into the performing arts. From the moment we were approaching Flat Rock High School (where the play is being performed) I knew something was up. There were a ton of lights in the parking lot. When we got into the lot I discovered it was big but not as big as I thought.

We got to the high school itself after trekking in from the south 40 and might I say what a nice high school. It is about 12 years old but it does not look that old at all. Upon walking in I noticed something I have never seen before. They had tables set up by the front door with a lot of Wizard the Oz merchandise available to purchase. The picture they had were all of the old familiar gang. Beyond that they had a bunch of double sided racks set up with fill size sheets of paper, one for each cast member. It was all done on a template so it all looked the same other than the persons name and description of what they were doing and what they had done acting wise. It was simple enough but impressive none the less.

We had assigned seats and were 4 rows back from the pit and I do mean pit. They had a 15 piece orchestra sunken down in about 10 foot or so. They were pretty darn good being much better than I expected.

I was looking around and I was already impressed. From what I could see they had a real nice auditorium with sound deadening where it was needed, lot of light flown that for the most part they could easily get to even during a performance, a decent sound system although this play either pushed the sound system or pushed the sound technicians. I will tell you more latter.

They had a big program filled with ads and they were also projecting the ads on the screen. When it was time to start the audience lights went down and the curtains closed. Then we got some instructions booming out over the sound system from none other than the Wizard of Oz himself. The movie screen retracted and someone entered stage right in front of the curtain. It turned out they were one of the co directors and he also mentioned that he play cowardly lion in this same production 10 years ago when DYPAC fist formed.

The play was odd. There were lots of scenes you would be familiar although there may have been slight alterations to things because some things were not that easy to recreate in a play surrounding. But there was also many little zingers tossed in to obviously liven things up a little or help people follow along even with the story changed a little. There were also whole musical numbers added in. Why would they do that? Well the cast must have been between 150 and 200 people. Basically if someone went out for the play they received at least some part. The extra scenes gave them something extra for the large cast. Here is an example. We all remember where the wicked witch of the west sent the flying monkeys after Dorothy and crew… right? Well in this one she sent the flying monkeys too but before the monkeys got there she sent the jitter bug to incapacitate them. So here was a whole dance number about the jitter bug distracting them and eventually causing them to go down. After that the flying monkeys came and did their bidding.

OK, now that I have written a book lets try and bring her down to a nice gentle landing.

What I loved about this play besides watching all the technical things happen, and besides all the tons of wireless microphones… well actually I loved all that stuff. I could have spent the entire play behind the scenes watching all that was going on. I would have thoroughly enjoyed that. But what wowed me was the flying, yes I said flying. They started out by flying Glenda onto stage inside of what looked look a pink hula-hoop. Of course it was much sturdier than that and it even had a nice seat for Glenda to sit upon as she was flown into the scene. Once the follow the yellow brick road was started they flew Glenda back off stage. All in all she was flown 4 times as part of the play and also when they brought the whole case out at the end. The also flew the witch once and again for the ending. They of course had to fly the monkeys. At first just one was flown but then they had three in the air all at once. They also had a monkey fly away with Dorothy. Also during the I do believe in spooks part they flew the Cowardly Lion. They flew the great and powerful oz off stage in his hot air balloon and one last thing happened I did not even realize until after the play was over. They used the same flying equipment to fly a tornado through the farm. I have rarely seen anyone flown in a play before and have never seen it done in an amateur play. They hired a company out of Las Vegas to help them with the flying so everyone would be safe in the play.

They had pyrotechnics in the production to. Many times when the wicked witch showed up they fired off a powerful powder charge. It felt like they lit an M80 off with the sound, light and huge concussion but I am sure it was some sort of flash pot. One went off what looked like inches from the scarecrow that looked like it was inches away. Now here is the truly amazing part. I would say 80 percent of the time Toto was on screen and this was a real dog. For the most part it cooperated so well. One time they pushed him in from stage right onto the set. Other than that it tolerated the explosion and the tons of people. At one point they left Toto go and Toto stayed more or less in the area as was appropriate. Later in the scene where Toto reveals who the Wizard of Oz was they let the dog go about mid stage and it went scrambling off. How did they do that?

Well walking out we say a few words with a couple people we knew in the performance. I wanted to say great job to the Witch and the scarecrow but I could not get over to them. The coroner did a wonderful job to as he hammed it up big time. Dorothy, well for being only about 13 she was incredible. If I hear of DYPAC putting on another play, especially a musical, you can bet I will be there. Who knows, maybe I can get lost behind the scenes?

More to come about the weekend soon.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Finished Planting Beds

Here are my finished beds. It took me a little while to finish off everything. Now I wait for spring to pack the soil down a little, add the mulch and add some annuals to get some fun color.

First my bed on the left along the house.

11  Finished Bed on East of House

Both my beds on the left side of the house.

12  Finished East Side Planters

The front planting bed. I need to find something to add to the bed next year. It needs to tolerate shade.

13  Front Planting Bed

A different angle of left side of the front planting bed.

14  Left Side of the Front Planting Bed

And the right side.

15  Right Side of Planting Beds

A different view of the front planting bed.

16  A Different View of Front Planting Bed

The right planting bed.

17  Finished Right Planting Bed

A different view of the right planting bed.

18  Different View of Right Planting Bed

I know this is boring. It is just a bunch of dirt but it was a lot of work. Also for a change I am finally starting to put in some landscape. I look forward to see how the right planting bed turns out. Well that and once I add the red mulch next year I hope things will be looking sharp.

No flash fiction 55 today as I have been busy getting things ready to go out of town this weekend. Have a great weekend everyone.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Many Phases of Yard Work

Today is a busy day for me. It started with a nice breakfast at a local Mom and Pop restaurant. Then back to the house for the real work. Note: Photos to be added later after I take another break.

I had been working on the dirt already. Last night I moved all the dirt I had loosened into the wheel burrow. This morning I dumped in a bunch of peat moss in and used the tiller to work that into the top layer of earth. I then augmented the soil with a bulb food similar to bone meal but supposable better for bulbs. A little bit of raking later and the soil was all prepared for the 51 bulbs to be planted. Phase complete.

The next phase was to mark off the bed and actually place the bulbs where they belong. On the left are the existing Iris plants. In the center are clumps of various hybrids of Tiger Lilies. On the right are a border of Purple Passion Tulips. Phase Complete.

01  The new bulbs for next year

While working on the previous phase the 2 yards of topsoil arrived. Phase complete although I did not have anything to do with it other than order and pay for the topsoil.

02  So that is what 2 yards of dirt looks like

03  Better view of the wheelbarrow

04  Topsoil progress

Now lets take a quick look around at the planting beds. Above was the planting bed from the right side of the house (faces west). This is the two small planting beds from the left side (easterly exposure) of the house. On the left are hostas. In the spring I will be fertilizing and covering this with mulch. On the right is where I typically plant some nice annuals and there will also be 2 inches of mulch here in the spring.

05  Left planting beds

Moving on this is the front planting bed. You will notice the two cute little baby shrubs. It will take them forever to grow. I so wish I had planted them the almost 10 years ago when I bought this house. Oh well, it will be fun to watch them grow. The two outside ones will grow into Christmas Trees (more of less) that are 6 to 8 foot tall. I will be placing a majority of the dirt I took delivery of here. The remainder will go on the first planting area you saw. The center one will be squatty . This spring I will be covering this with a weed barrier and placing 2 inches of mulch on top of that.

06  Front planting beds

I do have two more planting areas up front. First we have the area around the mailbox. This area never grows but I will make a stab at it again. Next year I add mulch here. The is currently some iris planted here. There used to be tulips but they died off. I will probably plant some annuals here next year and in the fall replace them with some perennials. And now my final planting area is around my flag pole. This area is full of iris plants and tulips. Next year I am going to have to split the iris plants are they are out of hand. Anyway the second and third pictures are of the flag pole.

07  Mail box bed

08  Flag pole planting bed

09  Pulled back flag pole bed

Sorry I did not place up a nice Veteran's Day tribute as at least one of you wonderful bloggers out there have. We will have to just pause a moment and look at my motionless flag. Thank you to all of you who have served especially to all of you who have made the ultimate sacrifice and of course to all of their families as well. Without your sacrifice we would not be the country we are today.

10  My flag

So the next phase will be adding the dirt back into the westerly planting bed that I dug out being careful not to disturb the bulbs. Then I add 2 inches or so of topsoil of the planted bulbs and that bed should be about ready to go to bed for the winter. I also will be adding the 2 inches or so of topsoil to the front beds and they two will be ready for winter once I add the peat moss around the shrubs. This will be a big phase as I am so out of shape. Moving two yards of dirt will be fun but I will just spread it out over a big part of the day if I need too.

[Completed projects front and right side planting areas]

I have other plans of what to do outside but I am betting I will not get to them. If I can get everything list above done I will be most happy indeed.

Update: I started just after 7:00 AM with this project and called it a night just after 6:00 PM. My body was ready to call it a day about 2 hours before that. I got cramps in my right arm that I had to be careful what I did so they did not come back. I know I was dehydrated as, even thought it probably did not even hit 45 today as I sweating and I only drank about a quart of water. I should have had some outside to where I could grab some when I needed it. In the end it was to dark to take the finished photos so hopefully that will be tomorrow. I also did not clean up the cement as I knew my right arm would give me trouble pushing a broom. Finally I decided to put in more dirt than I planed because I never considered the fact the the soil was not compact and it would certainly compress before next year when I add the mulch. When I came down to the wire I was about 4 bags of topsoil short (160 pounds). I might have some bagged topsoil already. If not I will be making a trip to the store so I can finish the project.

I will say one thing, being out of shape I pushed myself harder than I should have. This project kicked my butt. My blood pressure and pulse were really elevated but after taking a 4 minute rest it had come down a fair amount but still was high. In the end I think this saying applies just as well here as anywhere. What does not kill you makes you stronger.

I can not wait for next spring.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Do you Hulu?

Did you know about the Hulu website? I just found it last Sunday. I saw something that mentioned that YouTube will be adding television shows and movies to the videos soon. It mentioned that was to compete with Hulu.

I have watched that full episode of WKRP in Cincinnati that I mentioned earlier. I watched a Lost in Space episode from back in 1967. I also watched an old show that was not on the air very long. I am not sure if they were even on a full season. The show was called Cleopatra 2525. I even saw they had the movie Xanadu or maybe just clips, on of my favorites. I think I will bounce around a little more checking what they have online but try not to watch to much more. There just are not enough hours in the day.

Now Hulu is not like YouTube, for that type of content you still need to go to YouTube. But for many other things you might be able to find it on Hulu. Click here for an explanation of Hulu. Someday YouTube will add similar content only it probably will be CBS or ABC studios centered content. The interesting thing about the content is it is possibly DVD quality. It looks about as good as anything I have seen on the Internet before. Of course I do have a high-speed Internet connection, you probably can not do use this site with dial-up.

Well other than Hulu I managed to do some more work outside and get all but my garden area cleared for next year. 16 containers to the recycle center later and my beds up front are looking good. I also managed to dig up a portion of my planting beds that have a westerly exposure. Since I have Tuesday off and the weather will be cooperating I am going to try and get about 3 dozen bulbs planted for next year. The bad news, moving 2 yards of topsoil that hopefully I can get delivered on Tuesday. The good news, less work in the spring and also some wonderful new plants to welcome in the spring (Tulips) and greet another summer (a variety of Tiger Lilies). I started seeing Tiger Lilies everywhere and just new I had to make them mine. Well not those exact plants but you know what I mean.

In the spring I need to put down a weed barrier and add 2 yards of mulch to my planting beds. Things should be looking sharp next year. Now all I need to find are some annuals to plant next year to add some color. I can't wait for spring!

Oh and by the way, should you stop by Lime, I found this on THIS WEB SITE. I thought it might give you a smile. Hope you had a great time.

Friday, November 07, 2008

55Flash Fiction Friday

Life is good.
You have
everything you want
But you know
your day is coming.

There seems to be
nothing you can do
to change your fate.

You have tried
running away but every time
you have been caught
and brought back.

This is a very bad time
of the year to be a Turkey.

I know Thanksgiving in Canada is long over and here in the states Thanksgiving is still a few weeks out. Still I could not help but think about the many many poor turkeys out there. But than it could be worse. Did you ever see a show called WKRP in Cincinnati?

There was an episode in WKRP called the Turkey Drop. If you want to view it click here. In the clip the radio stations is trying to promote themselves by giving away 20 live turkeys. They do this by flying over a parking lot with a helicopter and drop the 20 live turkeys. Unfortunetely the turkeys can not fly and crash to the ground. What you do not see and I wish I could find was the very ending of the show. The station manager says "As God is my witness. I thought turkeys could fly." What can I say, simple things for simple minds.


Thursday, November 06, 2008

Michael Crichton Has Passes On

Oh no, I just heard one of my favorite authors has pass on, Michael Crichton. I loved The Andromeda Strain than I just kind of lost track of him. It was not until I came across Congo and read it that I truly fell in love with his work. I loved the way he mixed science and medical details in a lot of his books. It held my attention and made me want to look things up and see just how real this was. I have read a little bit more of his work but I have so many more books to find and work my way through. It is sad to see someone as talented is he pass on at the relatively young age of 66. I think he still had a lot of wonderful works inside.

Rest in peace Michael Crichton. Hopefully you and Charles Schulz (my favorite cartoonist) get together and have lunch sometime.

So, do you have a favorite author?

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Just a Quicky

I probably will not post a a real post until tomorrow. I spent almost 12 hours sleeping yesterday after my visit to the doctors. A few weeks ago the doctor made a change to my blood pressure medication. Well the last little bit I have been dealing with low blood pressure. Doing just about anything has not been fun. I would not go for a walk or do any exercise because I was worried I might pass out. Well yesterday the doctor cut my meds in half so hopefully I will be doing better now. The readings this morning were very encouraging but after work I was lower than I have ever seen. I will give it a couple of days to see how things settle out.

I found out 98 percent of all eligible voters are now registered. Wonderful. Turnout for the election in Michigan went from low 60 percent for presidential elections to almost 68 percent according to the unofficial state election results. The last time we saw that many percent of people turn out to vote was back in 1964 and even higher in the 50s. So yes there was more turnout than recent history but it was not as much as I had been lead to believe. I determined this by looking at the total votes for President and also the total votes for two state wide ballot issues and picking the larger of the three numbers. At this point I have not had a chance to pour over the results but the results seem to be overwhelming saying change and fix our economy.

I hope you all are seeing the wonderful weather we have been having the last few days. Have a great day everyone.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My Experience at the Polls

I showed up at the polls and was in line about 7:07. By the time I was done (50 minutes) I was the 87th voter to vote in my precinct. Doing the math that is a little under 2 people a minute voting. Normally when I go to vote it is closer to 8:00 and I am about the 90th voter. The line was cut by a third so they probably only had a 35 minute wait. So yes there are a few more voters this time but not so bad you should stay away from voting. Of course this evening will probably be real fun.

There were a few more voting stations that usual I think, 14 of them. There probably was about 12 before. They added about 3 more stations to be used for my precinct as the other precinct that was voting at the same place I was had no one in line. The processing of voters before they could go vote was a little backed up as there was almost always 1 to 3 stations not filled.

Everyone was civil. The poll workers tried to make sure that people that were in the correct line for voting so they did not waste their time. I have a few other things I could say but I worry it might influence things so this is where I end. I guess I am saying a 50 minute wait was not bad and after the morning rush it was less. This wait was longer than usual but not bad. Of course your experience will most likely be different. As a general whole be prepared to take a little longer and go do your duty.

Get Out and Vote

Our day has finally come. Time to vote in the next President of the United States. Oh and don't forget those Judges and while you are at it Congress too.

Regardless how you plan to vote or even if you do not want to vote for any of the candidates to win, just get out and vote.

By the way, I found these yard signs at this site.

Personally I am not sure what I will be doing other than I will be casting my vote early tomorrow. What I really feel like doing is ...

I sure wish I had found the website I mentioned above earlier. If I did I would have purchased and displayed this little gem in my yard. That is really saying something because I will not display political yard signs... well except for my friend who is running for County Commissioner.

Once I have voted I will update this with one more picture.

Despite how disgusted most people are with this darn election I sure hope that you get out and make your voice heard. If you don't than don't whine about the results.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Who turned out the Lights?

Wow I can not believe what happened when the clocks turned back on early Sunday morning. I guess I have been feeling the affects of less light for a while now but yesterday was something else. I had a hard time staying up much past 6:30 PM. Of course part of that might have been I had a bad nights sleep the night before so that could be part of it. No trouble sleeping last night however. I guess there were a few really loud thunder boomers and I never woke up.

Wow, our sunset is at 5:28 PM and it looks like we a losing a minute of sunshine in the morning and a minute in the evening. I miss the sun already.

The diet, well it is going. I have lost at least 4 pounds in a couple of weeks. The exercise, well that is not going as well but I am trying.

One of the worst things I bought lately was all the episodes of 24. I had only seen part of the last season. Now here is the reason I should not have bought this. There are 144 episodes which are about 42 to 43 minutes each which means over 100 hours of watching. I find watching these episodes is so like when I pick up a book. I just can not put it down. Of course with this it is impossible to do it all at once. None the less it has eat a lot of my time. Maybe that is part of the reason the daylight change over is hitting me harder than normal.

I had something interesting happen over the weekend. After finishing up the dishes I could not figure what happened to all my forks. I think I have less than a half of the forks I normally have. I know for a while I have noticed I was going through the forks kind of fast but it had not hit me I was missing so many forks. Now here is the weird part... I live alone. I have no one to blame but me for the missing forks. Yikes.

Well I see the sun is up and I do not have to be into work for a little bit yet... I think I am going to go outside and clean up some more of my planting beds since the sun is setting so late and I will not be able to do it after work. Have a great day.