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Friday, April 27, 2007

55Flash Fiction Friday

Long and sleek, going on for as far as the eye can see. There is nothing like being at the rail at Churchill Downs watching the horses working out at dawn. The majestic race horses, the smells, the sounds of the galloping and trotting horses, the taste of the coffee and donuts. Life is good.

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Here are some of the sights from when I went to Dawn at the Downs last year. I will be there again this year. This is my most favorite thing to do during Derby week aside from visiting with my best friends, much better than actually attending the Derby itself I might add. I am off this morning for Kentucky to visit with my friends. I will peek in as I can. I hope you have a wonderful week.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Kentucky Derby Festival

Sorry I have been MIA so much this week. I have been working lots of extra hours so I can head down to Kentucky to visit with my best friends and enjoy the Kentucky Derby Festival that you see depicted here.

There are like 100 or more events but this video shows you the Balloon Glow, Great Balloon Race, Great Steamboat Race, and the best fireworks in North America and third the world, Thunder Over Louisville. I leave Friday morning and will be gone for a little over a week. Enjoy the video.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Big Deck

This was just to funny not to share. Enjoy.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Let's Go Red Wings

Go Red Wings!

Watching Hockey always makes me thirsty for...


The Flames played a great series but in 2 Over Times my boys advance to round 2.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Saturday's Photo Scavengar Hunt - STEPS

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This weeks theme is STEPS.

This seems like the perfect picture for the hunt today. Sorry I have been away for a few weeks. This picture shows a beautiful winding staircase with lots of steps. I am sure this reception hall gets rented a lot just for the stairs and a picture like this although much better than I did. This is Brother and his wife back in October of 2000.

You know when you think about it this picture also applies in that getting marrieds is taking a big step in ones life.

Thank you very much for visiting. Have a wonderful weekend.

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Friday, April 20, 2007

55Flash Fiction Friday

I mounted my trusty steed which had long been forgotten. With a small kick she started striding large and proud. Many a mile was covered over the days that followed usually traveling in the morning greeting another wonderful day but sometimes traveling in the evening enjoying the peace and quiet,

I love my elliptical trainer.

If you would like to know more about 55Flash Fiction Friday, check out this post. It looks like Susie has been doing this for a bit over a year. It looked interesting so I thought I would give it a try.

Jimmi Hendrix

Purple Haze
All Along The Watch Tower
Foxy Lady
Hey Joe
Voodoo Child
Little Wing
The Wind Cries Mary
Red House
Crosstown Traffic
Manic Depression
Castles Made of Sand
Bold As Love
Day Tripper
Spanish Castle Magic
Are You Experienced
Hear My Train A Comin'
If 6 Was 9
Like A Rolling Stone
Voodoo Chile Blues
Electric Church Red House
Jelly 292
Bleeding Heart 292
Once I Had A Woman
Mannish Boy
Catfish Blues
Born Under A Bad Sign

You still look like a noble steed to me. --Shrek 2

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Pizza Night

One of the things we used to do as a family when I was growing up was make pizza. Nothing could compare.

We were fortunate to have an Italian bakery near by, Caprara’s Bakery, near by. You would go in there and it always had all these wonderful smells. There were various cooked items like pizza and pepperoni bread always available but that is not why we went there. They also had lots of supplies, various oils, sauces and spices. It was (and is) a small but nice place to go to. What we went there for was the pizza dough. Two bags of pizza dough and sometimes some shredded cheese to.

The dough would be set aside allowing it to warm up closer to room temperature while the ingredients were prepared. The munster and provolone were shreaded, the onions chopped, the black olives chopped, and hamburger cooked. Some oregano was added to the pizza sauce and allowed to permeate it. Finally it was time to prepare the pans and the dough. The pans were coated with olive oil. The flour was spread out on the counter top and the dough was spread out with a rolling pin until it was large enough to fit the cookie sheets that were prepared.

Time to build the actual pizza. Put down the pizza sauce followed buy onions or black peppers followed by the hamburger and the pepperoni (Hamburger and Onions on one, Pepperoni and black olives on the other) and finally the cheese was evenly spread across the pizza.

One of the problems we would run into while preparing the pizza was my sister. She was a picker. She would always be grabbing a small nibble of the ingredients as we went. If we did not get the pizza in fast enough I am afraid there was be nothing left.

Into the waiting oven (450f) place the pan and 12 to 15 minutes later is was time to play the game. Open the oven and carefully using a spatula look at the underside of the pizza to see if it was done. If not put it back in for a few more minutes. Then remove the pizza and, shudder, set it aside for a couple of minutes before cutting it. That was never easy but if you cut it right away, as we many times did, the pizza toppings just seemed to slide off the pizza rather then allow the wheel to cut the pizza. Pop the other pizza in and then cut the pizza into 12 slices.

Those pizza were the best and we used to do that it seemed every Saturday. Since then we have gotten away from doing that as there is a lot of work involved in preparing the pizza. Usually we just order a Domino’s pizza as they really take care of my parents. Up here were I live I have never found that bakery that I could get pizza dough from. Probably just as well as it is not the best thing in the world for me to be eating.

Now I am hungry. I am real hungry.

Last time I was this happy, I was face down in a pizza pie, eatin' my way to freedom! –The Brak Show

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Finally, I Can Breath

The last little bit has been fun. Sleeping, still not back to normal but as of last night much better. At least I can concentrate some today which makes working much better.

Yesterday I joined the ranks of procrastinator when I worked through my income taxes. First type in all the numbers from the envelope I have, but wait one of the important documents is MISSING! Oh found it. Can I claim anyone? What if I started tossing in blogger buddies… I wonder if they will catch it? Oh wait, no SS number… Deductions, there was that clothes donation. I think the pants were worth at least $1,000 with the shirts easily being $400 each. I really loved those clothes… *sniff*

OK, more deductions are a bust. Let's just work through and see what they are already giving me to work with. Not to bad but if I can only… oh wait, forgot about the newer vehicle. OK and now homestead and … Not bad, not bad.

Now let it whirl and spin and spit out the final tally and we are all set to go. Finally tell it to electronic file and PRESS THE RETURN KEY. Cool, all done with an hour and a half to …


After I calmed down I tried again and again with similar results. Sometimes it cut me off right away, other times it got with seconds of the filing happening and it failed. I sat there and thought I wonder what will happen if I do not get this filed before midnight? Is it midnight or actually 3:00 am since the computers I was using were over in good old San Francisco (I think). Where the poor servers on fire because of all the late filers? Was the wire actually melting that fed the tax returned into them? Would IRS and others accept the late returns if it was not filed before midnight? Will I ever get to sleep? I wonder if I should print it and make a wild dash for the main post office? I might make it.

About 11:30 the system pretending like it was letting me in. It had done that to me several times before so I was all too familiar with how the cat and mouse game was played. Show him the cheese and yank it away at the last minute. Yep I figured that is what … wait a minute, something is different. Different is good.

OK half a victory. It seems to think it was transmitted but it can not confirm it. Check back in an hour. 30 minutes later I checked and it looked like it had been transmitted to the State and Federal but I need to check back in the next day or two. I will check after work and see if I am OK so mission accomplished … I think.

The next order of business, TESTING. Not books and paper or anything like that. It is the kind of tests administered by the resident vampires. I had to fast for 10 hours. Do you know how hard it was to go through all that tax stuff without even being able to drink any water or munch on anything? Oy! I ate just a little later last night then I planned on (imagine that) and had to delay going in for the test. No problem I will just use the closest lab instead of where I normally go. I walked in the door and there were 6 people going on 100 in there. I was glad I came when I did as the place just kept packing in more people. At one point they told people plan on over 30 minutes. I only had 20 minutes available to me.

As I did my math and watched the place slowly worked through the people until I was "Next In Line." They took me back and asked a couple of questions to make sure I would get the correct tests schedule and they typed their dissertation on the computer. You know it might be that is the best that could be done but I think I would be hanging my head in shame if I wrote that program. What do I know?

The draw happened and it went real nice, I hardly felt it. I bounced out to the car and I knew I was going to be late. I popped past home to get medicine, a change of shirt and some form of breakfast before bolting out the door. I ended up 10 minutes late but at least that was finally done.

Hopefully tonight will turn out much better. Hope you are having a nice hump day.

Something is... different. Good or bad? Anything different is good. –Groundhog Day

Monday, April 16, 2007

25 ot 6 to 4

Waiting for the break of day
Searching for something to say
Flashing lights against the sky
Giving up I close my eyes

Sitting cross-legged on the floor
Twenty five or six to four

Starin' blindly into space
Getting up to splash my face
Wanting just to stay awake
Wonderin' how much I can take

Should I try to do some more
Twenty five or six to four

Feeling like I ought to sleep
Spinning room is sinking deep
Searching for something to say
Waiting for the break of day

Twenty five or six to four
Twenty five or six to four

Boy I guess I should not have did that late night exercise. No matter what I try I just can not get to sleep. I went to bed a long time ago but have not managed to fall asleep yet. What can we do?

Let’s count sheep.

Nope, not working.

Let’s watch some TV and see if that can get me sleepy.

Not happening.

How about some Hot Chocolate (you know, warm milk and all)


Well back to bed. I guess if I can not get any sleep, at least I will be able to get some rest. I bet I will fall asleep 30 minutes before I will have to get up.

25 or 6 to 4...

One of my favorite groups

Mr Blue Sky
Don't Bring Me Down

Evil Woman

Telephone Line
Last Train to London
Strange Magic

Sweet Talkin' Woman
Turn to Stone
Can't Get You Out Of My Head
Fire on High

Livin' Thing
Hold on Tight
Roll Over Beethoven


This totally adds to my 'old people are crazy' theorem. –Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Saturday, April 14, 2007

I'm Old

It happened, I think I am officially old. Yesterday I received my application for AARP Membership. For anyone that does not know AARP is the Association for the Advancement of Retired Persons: an association of people to promote the welfare of senior citizens. It is open to anyone that is 50 or older. The fun thing is it says you can apply if you are 50. Now I will not be 50 until July. When I look at the letter and card attached it says I have to mail it by May 18. You do the math, I will not be eligible yet. For a big organization they sure are dumb. Of course if I were to slide them some money like they are asking ($12.50 US) I am sure they will look the other way for a few months.

So I do not know much about the organization. On the surface it sure makes sense. They represent the ever growing population of people that individually would be ignored. By bringing people together others listen. I mean if one person says you WILL protect my Social Security... government will just ignore them. If 50 million people say YOU WILL protect my Social Security, government will ask how high would you like me to jump. You piss off a large enough group of people that are like minded and you will most likely kiss your next election goodbye. And lets face it, politicians are more worried about keeping themselves in office than anything else anyway.

My concern is if they say vote for so and so or avoid this or what ever else they do. If their goals and mine do not line up than why should I be a member anyways? Sure there are benefits like discounts on services like Insurance but I do not know if I could blindly follow what they say. Well maybe I should officially register as a senior citizen by joining AARP and see what it is all about.

Crabby, when does the discount kick in at Bob Evans... not that I am calling you old, no sir... never do that.

A prior post I ask for and received some feedback about what music you listen to, something that brings back good (or bad) memories for you. I have been working my way through it and have decided to list what I have been listening to. So for the next little bit I will be tacking a group on the end of posts and the songs I listened to. I will also be linking these posts together with the label “jukebox”

Brothers Johnson
Now I only heard a few from them but I love it, very nice

Strawberry Letter 23
Get the Funk Out My Face
Is it Love That We're Missin'
You Keep Me Coming Back
Land of Ladies
Free and Single
Love Is
Never Leave You Lonely
Brother Man
Right On Time
Free Yourself, Be Yourself
Do It Again
Let It All Blow
Invitation to Love

This totally adds to my 'old people are crazy' theorem. –Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Music Matters

I had a bitch post all typed up and, deep down inside I just did not want to post it. It was about the gas prices. They did something I have never seen happen before. The prices went up 29 cents and within a short time dropped 7 cents. Strange. Anyway lets head in a different direction.

Over the weekend I listed to a CD that came with a DVD set I got for Christmas 2005. Hey sometimes it takes me a while to open my presents, what can I say? The set was Chicago and Earth Wind and Fire Live at the Greek Theater. This CD was an interview with one person from Chicago and two people from EWF. It was a nice mix between music that Chicago did, EWF did and combination of each group did together. They also had a certain amount of interviewing going on. I really loved it and it is what is playing in my car.

Chicago has been my all time favorite band. I remember listening to them back in the early 70s and seeing them in two concerts. Now that is saying a lot as I am not a concert type of person. EWF on the other hand was a group that was never on my radar. I mean I heard songs they did but I had no idea it was them. I could not tell you anything that was their song.

Well I fired up old MusicMatch and listened to song after song of Earth Wind and Fire on Monday and I have to tell you I really enjoy them as well. I can see a CD or two in my future.

While I was growing up I had other groups I loved to listen to. Boston, Kansas, Joe Jackson, ELO, Eagles, Elton John, Foreigner, Bob Seger, Jethro Tull, Olivia Newton John, Pat Benatar, Peter Frampton, Pink Floyd, Queen, Styx, Eric Carmen, Bruce Springsteen. I know there are others I missed but that is it, basically a who’s who of the easier side of rock of the 70s. I am excited I actually get a chance to see Peter Frampton. He is coming to common ground, an awesome festival put on in July in Lansing Michigan for 8 days this year. I love it. I have so many good memories from songs off of Frampton Comes Alive as well as newer albums. "Weird" Al Yankovic is also there one night. That should be fun. The Guess Who is also there. That will be fun for me as I know the name but really did not listen to them. I know there were we lots of songs that I will enjoy. By the way, even though this is an eighth annual event, don’t tell anyone but I am still a virgin. I look forward to busting that cherry.

If you should find yourself anywhere near the Lansing area July 9th to the 15th consider stopping by. I know it is always a hit every year. Follow the link in the above paragraph for more information.

So what about you, do you have any favorite groups that bring back great (or even bad I suppose) memories? How about sharing. Who knows, maybe I will discover a whole new music interest. I mean I actually do listen to a little country, love Celtic Folk, Disco (he said out of the side of his mouth) and much more. Just about everything but rap, especially certain forms of rap.

Go ahead, Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

Exqueese me? Have I seen this one before? "Frampton Comes Alive"? Everybody in the world has Frampton Comes Alive. If you lived in the suburbs you were issued it. It came in the mail with samples of "Tide". –Wayne’s World 2


Monday, April 09, 2007

Busy Weekend

Wow that was a busy but nice weekend.

To start things off they let us leave early for Good Friday I assume. They do that every now and then so it was a pleasant surprise. I had plans to meet up with the boss and two of his kids at Cheeseburger in Paradise. So I finished up a few things I was busy with and headed out. The ride was uneventful as I made a pit stop to get a card and then headed to the bar.

Now on the way I was all set to get me a real nice burger. They do have probably 10 different types and my mouth was a drooling until I realized this was meatless Friday. I was so bummed but I ended up with Blackened Tilapia sandwich with some nice steamed vegetables. My the sweet red pepper just dominated the vegetables, I loved it. Now I am not a fish person but the spices on this fish were wonderful and I actually liked that fish. That and add on a couple of beers and it was a very nice lunch.

After doing a few other things I was underway. I showed up at TC’s only intending to drop off something and then be on my way but I could not turn down the invite to stop in. Silly me I did not take the coat off expecting to leave real soon but no. It sure was wonderful to see TC again and get to know Mrs. TC a bit, something I did not get to do too much of last time. But at last it was time to be on my way.

Upon arriving at my Sisters, I found out that my BIL was not feeling well and heading to sleep (bummer) and there were six 12/13 year old girls having a sleep over. Yea right, there was not much sleeping involved. They were a little wild with a bunch of screeches tossed in for good measure. They would get kind of quiet and then go off again. There was makeup being applied, karaoke being sung and Guitar Hero being played and I am sure much more. And there were the quiet times when they went to my niece's room and who knows what they were up to. All and all they were a good group of kids. I would not know for the most part however as I disappeared into the computer room/office most of the time. No one needs an Uncle leering around and besides, I think I would be traumatized anyway.

We went up to bed about 11:30 and the girls stayed down stairs watching a movie and being a little rowdy. They could not have been too bad as I did not hear them. Still they did manage to stay up until about 3:00 am.

The next morning was fun as one of them had to be up and out by 8:00 am so everyone was up. I was rather amused when I saw the gang. There was one in particular that looked dead to the world. She looked like she needed coffee bad. I had her pegged as one of the not trouble makers but certainly a night person that is kind of a catalyst or something.. She was NO morning person. It turned out one girls was missing, my niece. Talk about not being a morning person. They finally dragged her out of bed and the day was underway. The little brats eat all the bacon but oh well. Anyway their parents came and picked them up and we were able to get under way.

The first activity was a bust but then we went and bought my niece her camera and supplies. It was one of the big items she wanted, that and a bicycle.

After a quick lunch I headed home because, stupid me, I forgot my medication. But that gave me an excuse to stop past Tim Horton's and get a coffee and a Walnut Crunch. Now that was very yummy G-man but I think I will stick with Tim Bits, only sneaking a crunch in every now and then since it is easier for a diabetic. Of course I should not have any. The coffee was great as I drank it all the way home and back, about a 3 hour trip, very enjoyable.

I did have a little excitement on the way to my house. The boys in blue were on the side of the road and popped out into traffic. I thought oh great, I do not think I was going all that fast but who knows. Anyway instead he decided to give a real nice welcome to the state of Michigan to the Ohio car the next lane over. I bet he could have done without the welcome as I know I did not feel the need for love.

At home I decided to look for a CD to head back down with and I found something TC suggested I get. The DVD Chicago and Earth Wind and Fire at the Greek Theater. It also contained a CD. I listed to that on the way down. It was about time, I only got that over a year ago. Oh Top Cat, I loved it. I think I need to get some Earth Wind and Fire now. (I used Musicmatch Jukebox and listened to a lot of EWF tonight and now I know I need some of their music) This sure made my trip back to my Sisters easier. That and the Ice Cappuccino at Tim Horton's on the return trip. OMG Crabby, I am in love. I am so happy there are no Tim Horton's near my house however. I so could get addicted to those.

Sunday highlight, other than looking for hidden Easter eggs, was getting together for my nieces birthday and Easter. Unfortunately my Sisters MIL was not feeling well and lay down and did not call. That got everyone worried and finally a road trip was in order. Since she was not feeling well she did not show up but it still cut the day short. I so pigged out, shame on me. I ended up sticking around a little before heading out and, other than a drunk or a very tired person it was uneventful. That is most of the weekend. I hope you had a great weekend yourself.

It's coffee time! Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee! Cappuccino, java, YES! –Dante’s Peek

Friday, April 06, 2007

Wild Hogs

Yesterday, despite having things to do, I made a trip to the near by town’s movie house. So what did I see? I’m not telling...

OK, maybe I will. I went to see Wild Hogs. Now I could not help but think of old g-man being joined by three friends and going on a cross country ride. Anyway, just where my head took me. Now I try never to give away to much in case someone wants to see a movie so here goes.

In the movie we have several middle age men that decide where has life gone. There solution is to ride, ride like the wind and make a road trip to the west coast.

Now I have seen some reviews that think this movie was a laugh riot, the best they have ever seen and others that think it is a dud. Myself I think I would give it a 7 or so on a scale of 1 to 10. The are a lot of humors parts but I thought they could have done better especially considering the cast. Certain parts of it just did not make sense to me, They also hammer in a few running gags more than I thought need be. Yet at the same time other things could have been done better. I did like the ending that played in the credits however.

Over all it did what it should have, it distracted me for an evening. I walked away in a good mood and ready to face ... well I am not sure what I was ready to face. So there you have it, Wild Hogs, funny but room for improvement.

Hey, I took my law enforcement course on the internet! For arms training they just told us to play Doom! –Wild Hogs

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Mr Magoo

While I am trying to think of something to say I thought I would share something from my day yesterday.

A while back I had LASIK surgery done so I can see without glasses. That went pretty good but at the same time my tired eyes took over. Now I really should be using reading glasses but I have been fighting it. All that is in the past. In order to work on my computer I really do need to use reading glasses and here I thought I got rid of glasses.

Yesterday I went to the desk of one of my users to install some software on their computer to test. I remember purposely bringing my reading glasses with me. I also remember having it with me when I got to their desk but that is the last I remember having them. I retraced my steps and could not find them. Then I remembered someplace else I went and had not checked. Was it there? Heck no.

I finally gave up and posted a message to the group I work with and my users to let them know I lost my glasses. I mentioned Mr Magoo to make it sort of humorous. You remember him, don't you. He had these really thick glasses but most of the time he was walking around without them and all but blind.

Well good news, they were found and where I remembered them being. How the h e double hockey sticks where they at? Any here is the fun part. A coworker who is known to have a real sense of humor made these for me. When I saw them I insisted we get a picture and he shared it with everyone. Here is that picture.

He's a little old man. Can't you take some of the wrinkles out? You've given birth to Mr. Magoo. --Trees Lounge

Monday, April 02, 2007

What a Nice Weekend

What a wonderful weekend. Even though I spent most of my weekend indoors I so appreciated that most of the time the temperature was around 70 (21c). At one point I popped outside and I had that feeling. The feeling for the first time that with that temperature that it was outside you could spend the entire day outside and just be comfortable, not hot or cold but comfortable. Living in one of the northern states you really learn to appreciate the ending of winter/beginning of spring. Of course the sunshine did not hurt any either. Ahhhh!

Another good thing, this weekend I made time for not one but two, yes two, trips to Tim Horton's. Waves to g-man and Crabcakes. Now I must admit that the coffee is just a little stronger than I like but boy it sure is not bitter at all. I had a shot of hazelnut in my coffee but hardly noticed it. I do miss that because my Beaners you can really taste the hazelnut. Of course they only carry it once a week or so where as Horton's you can get a shot anytime. My second trip was hot chocolate. I must say the hot chocolate was to die for. I really loved it.

One down side of this weekend is BLEACHER BUTT. There is something about sitting three to three and a half hours watching a show with only a very small break in the middle. Add to that not one but three, yes I said THREE showings and I had a bad case of BLEACHER BUTT. Even sitting on a blanket only partially helped but it did not solve the problem. Funny but I got used to it by the third show, go figure.

Speaking of the show I think my camera was smoking because I took way to many pictures. Speaking of which, I did manage to get one picture from the third show. The ice show was themed Rock Legends. What a bunch of good music. I must say I have never seen an ice show in person and they did a great job. The lights, the sound system and the way they kept things running through and all top class. Most of the acts were top class as well. There were a few that reminded you that these were all high school kids or younger with most being younger.

There was one thing I just need to share. No I have to warn you that this is disturbing but here goes. Elvis started out the show, the young skinny Elvis I might add. Now the first two shows I did not notice it but the third show I most certainly did. Elvis has boobs! No, that just is not right. That should not be. NO! But you can see for yourself.

Well that was just a quickie about my weekend. I hope all had a good time as well.

The power of Elvis compels you! The power of Elvis compels you! --New Adventures of Beans Baxter