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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Enough of This Crap Already

The other day I saw a headline that caught my attention so I decided to click and see what it was all about. The article was talking about the fleet of helicopters for the President that were way over budget. I think the 28 helicopters that were ordered 7 years ago were suppose to cost somewhere around 5.4 billion dollars. Now they are coming in at 11.2 billion dollars. After the President talked about going through the budget to remove waist John McCain asked him about the helicopters. I think McCain was being serious about trimming waste in the government but I am sure it was a dig at the new President too.

What really got me however were the comments made by the readers. There were those people blaming Obama. Now Obama has already broken some promises but is that surprising? There was not way he could deliver on what he campaigned on. But to blame him for the helicopters is insane. Now if he allows this to go on then you have something to talk about.

Of course there were those people that were attacking Bush for ordering them to begin with. OK, lets look at that. The fleet of helicopters are at least 30 years old. Even with the most careful maintenance there comes a time when they will no long be safe. That and I am sure they do not have the latest in counter measures to help keep the President safe. So I think the helicopters are probably needed but not at the original 186 million each and certainly not at the current 400 million. And why on earth do we need 28 helicopters. Now I know they need a more than one or two helicopter but couldn’t we make do with maybe 20 or even 14? And why on earth the over-runs? Was it the White House changing the specks? Was it the White House delaying decisions? Was it the fault of the contractors? Regardless of what, common guys.

Was there waste? You bet there was. Was there a need? Again you bet there was and still is. Did Obama have anything to do with this? Well no unless he does not do something about it now that it is out in the open. By the way, when McCain asked him about it, Obama said he had already asked someone to check into it and also said he does not see why he needs new helicopters. Is Obama all about getting rid of pork? Common, did you hear about half the stuff that was included in the latest rescue package? I am sure he could have vetoed portions of the bill or pushed Congress to pass a better bill but he needed this victory bad. Heck we needed this victory bad ... if it actually works.

We need to stop this stupid partisanship in Congress and in the entire United States. Obama is trying hard to do the best for the United States. Regardless if you voted for him or not, he is OUR President now. We need to Congress to do what they were voted into office for, to represent the best interest of the people ... not the best interest of their party. And more importantly, we the people need to get over this Republican vs Democrat, Black vs White, even Man vs Woman and just do what we can do to help out... not make things worse. Aren’t things bad enough already. Don’t we need to need to dig out, not keep burring ourselves even deeper?

I can not believe it. My blackberry has been slowly dying since Monday. I have been so busy at work I could not do anything about it. I have been working late and when I get home I am not even able to do much of anything. I have had that phone just short of 2 months and ... I missed my phone so much. It became even more highlighted today when I was trying to get together with a few people. I did not get my email that we were trying to get together. I also discovered that my phone was not really working so I would not be able to make or receive calls from people. Once we got the phone reloaded and everything was working again I still managed to miss a call because the ringer tone I had selected was now missing after the reload. Anyway now everything is working just fine once again. Of course trying to get people together is about impossible so that still is not happening yet. But at least now when I get a phone call, an email, an IM, or Text Message I can get right back with them. I was not this connected a few months ago. Why on earth do I need all this stuff?

I do not watch the award shows anymore. Most of them are just worthless. The golden globes over the weekend were no different. Now don’t get me wrong I really liked Slumdog Millionaire but did it really deserve 8 awards? I have not seen what the awards were but my bet is no they did not. Once a movie gets on the roll it seems like they sweep everything and those other deserving movies go unrecognized. Now after saying that, congratulations to Slumbdog Millionaire on doing so well. I am so glad I read what Susie had to say about the movie. If she had not I probably would not have went to see it.

Tuesday was fat Tuesday and I brought in Paczki into work. I was bad and had 2. I should not have had any. I must say the Ricotta Cheese one I had was awesome. But now it is time to start being good again and get that exercise in too. With today being dirty forehead day (Ash Wednesday) and the start of lent I guess this works out perfect. I did have one thing funny happen today. I had one of the people I work with tell me I had grease on my forehead. Now some people tease me but I think this person was serious as they tend to fix stuff around the facilities and I would not be surprised if they get themselves into greasy situations all the time. I guess you had to be there.

I had my first veggie max burger today at Subways. Not bad at all. If I am going to forgo meat then I still think I enjoy the seafood sub better however. Of course it is time for me to pick another sub as they did away with the my favorite. Did I mention that when ever I have a favorite TV show it goes off the air. Favorite thing to do, it stops. And now favorite food, it goes away too. I am surprised Slumdog did well as I actually liked it. That should have been the kiss of death.

Well enough pointless banter. We are over the hump. Only 2 more days to the weekend.
Blogger ciara said...

you know obama is a an easy scapegoat. if something goes wrong immediately after a new president is elected, then it surely must be his fault. it's funny that mccain should even ask obama about the helicopters when i think mccain knew about them way before obama took over. it's amazing how people expect immediate results to problems that didn't just accumulate overnight. i visit a blog once in awhile, and she keeps up w her obama bashing. i just don't even bother if i see a political post on her blog though i enjoy some of her other posts.

i gave up catholicism a long time ago, so i'm eating everything i want to eat. lol

February 26, 2009 11:36 AM  
Blogger S said...

The president needs ONE helicopter, JUST ONE. The rest is just ridiculous and I wish he would cancel on that.

As for Slumdog Millionaire...Brayn, yessss! They deserved em all. The music was fantastic, the story, amazing, the colors, wow, the actors, pretty damn good but I admit that the main character was just so so.

I f******g hated that Benjamin Button film. I was in agony watching that old lady die. I don't know of anyone that enjoyed the opening of that film, or anytime granny popped up. Was just not pretty.
And seeing Brad Pitt be an old man for 80% of the film was just painful. YUCK.
You know I am biased, but it is about time a film that was NOT made in Hollywood makes it to the Oscars, and thankfully it wasnt a stupid Bollywood film because I hate Bollywood. It's just crap.

I am happy you saw the film. I told Eileen about your drumming in the movie, making that lady upset! LOL

Trust me, this film is going to do a lot for the slum children of India because the upper castes of India would like to forget that these people exist. Believe be, I have seen naked dirty starving kids running through the streets of India, everyday. It is very real, and it is time the world helped them because the Indian upper classes do not care.

Thank you for letting me rant.

Bryan I bought lots of stuff from Mir but it's still all wrapped up and I have to price it all etc for my market.


Good luck with your blackberry. That sorta technology is beyond me....

February 26, 2009 1:35 PM  
Blogger S said...


February 26, 2009 1:36 PM  
Blogger Breazy said...

Hey Barman! Thanks for stopping by and sharing the other version of my joke. I see your comments on a lot of the blogs I frequent so if you don't mind I would like to link you?

I agree 100% with you about the republican/ thing, why can't we all just be humans and co-exist happily. That joke on my blog was seriously meant as no offense to anyone man or woman, I just thought it was cute in computer lingo.

I have finally met someone that has my luck. If I chose a favorite anything it either gets discontinued, done away with, point is it no longer exists after I decide to like it, whatever "it" may be.

Okay, I am going to go now so that I don't bore you to death with my rambling. Have a great Friday!

February 26, 2009 11:18 PM  

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